Citroën C5

Passion Meets Logic.

Citroën C5


Citroën C5

Passion meets logic

Overflowing with technology and performance, the CITROËN C5 is all about control, comfort, safety and driver enjoyment. Available in both saloon and tourer models, virtually every function of the CITROËN C5 is monitored and controlled by three digital computer networks, working seamlessly to deliver you a driving experience you won’t soon forget.



Wherever you look, the CITROËN C5 inspires awe and desire.

With elegant, energetic lines of the Saloon, this is a car created to turn heads as quickly as it turns corners. With muscular wheel arches and a concave rear window, its road presence is impossible to ignore.


Sit back and enjoy the CITROËN C5’s state-of-the-art cockpit with a host of intuitive functions and premium quality finishes.

Heated, ergonomically-sculpted, electronic front seats can be effortlessly adjusted to your preferred position, and even boast a driver’s seat with massage function.


The CITROËN C5 Exclusive uses a system called Hydractive III +.

Based on the world-famous CITROËN invention of Hydropneumatic suspension, it can alter both ride height and firmness automatically delivering unparalleled levels of handling and comfort.

Every second, on-board computers and sensors are making millions of calculations and adjustments to your driving conditions – all for your maximum safety, comfort and fuel efficiency.


The steering wheel is equipped with a fixed-centred control hub, placing everything you need at your fingertips.

The eMyWay communications system is matched to a large 7” colour touch screen, combining all audio functions, DAB radio, CD and MP3, together with Apple CarPlay / MirrorLink and integrated Bluetooth functionality and GPS satellite navigation with Australian road mapping.


The 120kW diesel engine features an electronically controlled high-pressure direct injection system and is equipped with third generation particulate filter which eliminates particle emissions and meets the stringent Euro 5 emissions standard.


The CITROËN C5 is equipped with a suite of driving aids including ABS, EBD, EBA and ESP with ASR traction control, an electronic park brake and Bi-Xenon directional headlights in the Exclusive model that adjust automatically to ensure a clear view of the road at all times. The CITROËN C5 Saloon and Tourer have 9 airbags to protect you and your loved ones.


From the elegant, energetic lines of the saloon to the flowing dynamism of the tourer, the CITROËN C5 strikes a stunning balance between refined style and sporty exuberance. It’s a car that’s built to turn heads as quickly as it does corners.

Inspired styling

Wherever you look, the CITROËN C5 inspires awe and desire. From the elegant, energetic lines of the Saloon to the flowing curves of the Tourer. Muscular wheels arches complement the car’s executive look.

Concave rear window

The CITROËN C5 is an executive saloon with a distinctive exterior, the concave rear window not only adds to this distinction but it provides excellent visibility too.


The LED day time running lamps add a premium touch that underlines the qualities of the CITROËN C5 as a great road car. These lamps also illuminate with the directional Bi-Xenon headlamps to strike a powerful signature at night.

Chrome inserts

Chrome inserts add a sophisticated touch to the lower body, radiator grille, front and rear bumpers and side windows.

Alloy wheels

Stunning alloy wheels hint at the CITROËN C5’s poise and finely tuned handling. The CITROËN C5 comes with standard 18-inch alloy wheels. 19-inch alloys are available as an option.


Something strange happens when you sit inside the CITROËN C5 – you feel excited and relaxed, all at once. The moody lighting, the leather steering wheel and the tangible quality of materials and finishes. It’s a pleasantly thrilling sensation.

Driving position

The intuitive and innovative driving position is designed to resemble a cockpit, made for driving thrills. It is equipped with a fixed-centred controls steering wheel for immediate access to the most frequently used functions.

Driving information is grouped on three elegant dials with annular needles that run around the dial rather than across it for easy reading.

Luxurious seating

Slip inside for ergonomical seats that have been designed for maximum comfort. Heated, ergonomically-sculpted, electronic front seats can be effortlessly adjusted to your preferred position, and even boast a driver’s seat with massage function in the Exclusive model.

Rear passengers haven’t been forgotten either as they’ll appreciate the three-seater bench with adjustable head restraints and a wide central armrest.

*Leather appointed seating includes other materials on selected areas.

Spacious cabin

The CITROËN C5 is spacious and luxurious. It has one of the longest wheelbases in the segment and you’ll find that the integrated storage compartments make full use of all available space.

The ample leg room in the back keeps the back passengers comfortable and the rear seats feature a 2/3 – 1/3 split/fold function to free up a totally flat loading space.

Sophisticated finishes

Every element of the CITROËN C5 interior reflects the clear choices made in styling. From the lacquered trim, flush molding, chrome and metal inserts to the door panels.

You can choose a trim to suit your taste; with black or grey leather for the seats, door panels and central console.


Please consult your Dealer for definitive colour and trim/upholstery details.

Black leather standard.*

*Leather appointed seating includes other materials on selected areas.

*Beige leather optional*


Automatic air conditioning

The automatic dual zone air conditioning on the Citroën C5 is designed to ensure a comfortable temperature for all passengers.


Drive-comfort is at the heart of the CITROËN C5 and it has numerous advanced soundproofing features to wrap you in your own haven of tranquillity. With triple door seals, a reinforced roof lining and an acoustic windscreen, the CITROËN C5’s insulating innovations exceed all expectations for an executive saloon.

You even enjoy laminated side windows for total isolation from the outside world.

eMyWay Sat Nav

The eMyWay satellite navigation system is matched to a large 7” colour touch screen, combining all audio functions, DAB radio, CD and MP3, together with integrated Bluetooth functionality.

Apple CarPlay / MirrorLink

The touch screen is built in with Apple CarPlay® & Android Auto® functionality which offers autonomous in-car smart phone integration for compatible phones. The main benefit of the system is the enhanced safety as you don’t have to touch the phone while using either system.

Driving Aids

Parking assist

Parking sensors make manoeuvring easier and are an essential part of city driving:

ultrasonic sensors in the bumpers sense any obstacles close to the car the system emits an audible beep and shows the proximity and location of the obstacles on the onboard computer screen.The hill-start assist function works with the electric parking brake to keep your vehicle steady for two seconds when you release the brake pedal on a slope of over 3%. This gives you time to move your foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator.

Parking space ‘gap’ measurement system

The parking space ‘gap’ measurement system works with the parking sensors to help you park your vehicle:

tells you whether the space is big enough;and indicates the difficulty of parking manœuvres;

Cruise control and speed limiter

Cruise control keeps your CITROËN C5 at a set speed when you take your foot off the accelerator while the speed limiter keeps the car within the limit you choose. And both can be easily turned off by pressing hard on the accelerator or via a button on the steering wheel.

Electric parking brake

For added convenience; standard on all CITROËN C5 with Hydractive III+ suspension, the electric parking brake calculates how much force is needed to keep the car stationary. It’s easily activated using a button on the central console and comes on automatically when you stop the engine and shuts off when you put the car in motion.


Powerful consideration. Environmental concern and powerful performance aren’t usually criteria you’d group together. But in the CITROËN C5, we’ve evolved our technology for greener, quieter engines – with plenty of exhilarating performance. It’s just one more reason you’ll feel good driving the CITROËN C5.


The CITROËN C5 combines the performance and comfort usually found in executive cars. The sophisticated running gear soaks up any bumps and dips in the road, while the choice between our two suspensions will satisfy all driving styles.


If you really want to enjoy a more unique ride the Hydractive III+ is our most advanced suspension technology to date. The Hydractive III+ suspension makes for a safe, comfortable ride by adapting automatically to road conditions and your driver input. It will keep your car at a constant height, regardless of the load and lets you choose between a soft and firm stiffness setting. For an even more dynamic and energetic ride choose the sport mode!


The CITROËN C5 is available with a high-performance 120kW Turbo Diesel. Virtually every function of the CITROËN C5 is monitored and controlled by three digital computer networks, making millions of calculations and adjustments to your driving conditions – all for your maximum safety, comfort and fuel efficiency.

The HDi engines are the benchmark in their category. They pollute less and consume less fuel than conventional diesel engines. CO2 emissions and fuel consumption are both cut by 20%. These engines also feature an electronically controlled common-rail system that optimises the air/fuel mix and the FAP filter significantly reduces emissions of pollutant particulates.

Gear Box

The 6-speed automatic gearbox gives you a choice between automatic mode, which adapts the gear changing (eleven shift patterns) to your driving style, and sequential mode, which lets you change gears freely.


Protective force. Packed with cutting-edge technology, the CITROËN C5 does everything it can to prevent accidents. Of course if one does happen, rest assured you and your passengers are surrounded by one of the finest protective body-shells on the road.


Bi-Xenon directional headlamps set high standards in safety with twice the brightness of halogen lights: excellent visibility at night or in bad weather; white beams make night driving less tiring; headlamps follow the steering angle of the car so that you can see the road ahead sooner; coupled with corner lights (covering an angle of up to 105° on each side) and daytime-running lights that make you more visible.twice the brightness of halogen lights.

Advanced safety braking

The CITROËN C5 comes with an innovative and comprehensive braking system:

two large-diameter vented disc brakes on the front and solid disc brakes on the rear; an ABS (Anti-Blocking System) feature that adjusts braking pressure electronically to stop the wheels locking; Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) that distributes braking power evenly to all wheels; Emergency Braking Assistance (EBA) that boosts braking power instantly when the driver presses hard on the brake pedal.


ESP (Electronic Stability Program) helps the driver keep the car under control even in the most difficult situations:
– using brakeforce distribution and engine speed to keep the car on course if it loses grip when cornering;
– coupled to the traction control (ASR) system that immediately brakes the drive wheels in the event of skidding.


The CITROËN C5 provides full protection for all passengers. There are nine airbags as standard (front, lateral, knee and curtain). The body structure of the CITROËN C5 sets the highest standards in passenger protection: the front end is designed to soak up impact energy in the event of a collision; the cabin has been strengthened to prevent intrusions or buckling of the survival cell. The steering column retracts over 65 mm at impact.

Body structure

The body structure of the Citroën C5 sets the highest standards in passenger protection:

the front end is designed to soak up impact energy in the event of a collision;

the cabin has been stiffened to prevent intrusions or buckling of the survival cell.

Tyre pressure monitor

The tyre pressure monitor system continuously checks tyre pressure. If pressure is too low, the system emits a visual and audible warning to the driver.


The CITROËN C5 achieved the maximum 5 star ANCAP safety rating. Its engineering combined with the wide variety of safety assist technologies, makes the CITROËN C5 a safer car to protect you and your family at any time. The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) provides consumers with independent and transparent advice and information on the level of occupant protection provided by vehicles in serious front and side crashes.


From the luxury to the visionary. From peace of mind to soul-stirring sound. This is so much more than A to B… this is the CITROËN C5. And now that you have a clearer idea of exactly what this car can offer, the following tables will help you make that final, all-important decision on which model, colours and finishes will satisfy your specific needs.


Standard Specification

  • 120kW turbo diesel
  • 6 speed automatic
  • Water in diesel warning light
  • Cuir Claudia Mistral (Black Leather)
  • Apple CarPlay / MirrorLink
  • 7″ colour touchscreen
  • 18” Atlantique alloy wheels with tyre pressure monitors
  • Space saver spare wheel
  • Front fog lights
  • Daytime running LEDs
  • Chrome on front grill, side strips and door handles
  • Visibility Pack (Auto windscreen wipers and illumination of headlamps)
  • Electrically adjustable, folding and heated door mirrors
  • Electrochromatic rear view mirror
  • Cruise control with speed limiter
  • Rear parking sensors
  • 60/40 split flat folding rear seats
  • Automatic dual-zone air conditioning
  • DAB radio
  • Connecting box (Bluetooth, USB & AUX jack)
  • Fixed central hub steering wheel
  • – Hydractive 3+ suspension
  • Electric parking brake
  • Dual-function xenon headlights with washer jets
  • Laminated and acoustic front and side windows
  • Toughened rear side and quarter windows
  • Front and rear parking sensors with parking space “gap” measurement system
  • Side chrome window trims and chrome strip on rear
  • Side and rear sunblinds
  • Electric slide/tilt sunroof
  • Nine airbags (Side front and rear, Curtain, Front driver and passenger & Driver knee)
  • Electric front seats with memory
  • Electric lumbar support with massage function and heated front seats
  • eMyWay navigation
  • Floor mats
  • 6 year / 90,000km CITROEN Confidence capped price servicing

Optional extras

  • 19″ Adriatique Alloy Wheels

Dimensions and Technical Specifications

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