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Citroën C4 Cactus

The CITROËN C4 Cactus takes its inspiration from you. It creates a new formula for enjoying life on the move; more of what matters, shaped with ingenious simplicity. It’s tailor made to spark your own unique creativity, through colour, design, materials and technology; one great idea leads to another. The name ‘Cactus’ was chosen because like a real cactus it doesn’t need much water (this car also does not drink much fuel which makes it fuel efficient) while it also passively protects itself with the patented Airbumps® on the exterior of the car, just like a cactus does with its thorns. Register your interest and explore the cutting edge of design, sophistication made simple, contemporary comfort and efficient performance of the CITROËN C4 Cactus.



Innovative protection

The CITROËN C4 Cactus is shaped by innovations that are designed to work for you and minimize running costs. Airbump® is a perfect example. This patented technology is totally unique, flexible and tough; its air filled capsules resist knocks and scrapes, so there’s no need to worry about car park damage and the urban rough and tumble. Dedicated to shrugging off unexpected repair costs, Airbump® also looks brilliant!


Technology made simple

The sleek dashboard of the CITROËN C4 Cactus combines all the ordinary instruments in a clear, simple digital display, providing you with key information at a glance. While the 7-inch touch screen gives you easy control of a range of in-car functions, including the automatic air conditioning, Bluetooth™ functionality, digital radio, audio streaming and lots more.


Travelling light makes sense and feels great. Weighing about 200kg less than the C4 hatch, the CITROËN C4 Cactus is based on a super-light platform made from advanced weight-saving materials. Being light on its feet, the CITROËN C4 Cactus is nimble, responsive, has a really comfortable ride and uses less fuel. It’s also inherently gentler on tyres, brakes and suspension parts, saving you money as the kilometres pass.


Making a big contribution to lower running costs are the latest generation of CITROËN PureTech petrol and e-HDi diesel engines. Both feature fuel saving innovations such as low friction diamond-like component coatings and Stop & Start technology. Go for the amazing e-HDi diesel and you’ll benefit from CO2 emissions as low as 94g/km and fuel economy of 3.6 L/100 km on the official combined cycle.


Attention to detail and the harmonious interior colours of CITROËN C4 Cactus create a calm ambience that’s tailor made for relaxing travel. Wherever you sit, you’ll love the bright, airy ambience. It starts at the top, with the huge panoramic sunroof (optional). This elegant weight-saving innovation filters out harmful rays and gives protection equivalent to category 4 sunglasses, and because there’s no need for a fiddly sunblind you also gain extra headroom.


Spacious, welcoming and free from clutter, the CITROËN C4 Cactus is a fun, conformable place to travel with loads of thoughtful details and storage solutions. The big sofa-style front seats are stylish and comfy, whilst there’s generous legroom for everyone in the back.


Make it uniquely yours

Personalising the Citroën C4 Cactus is an exciting journey in itself. The potential for making it properly yours is huge. In fact, there are 23,184 possible combinations! So every time you go out you’ll be driving an extraordinary vehicle that clearly reflects your style and creative choices.


Bringing customers more of what really counts

The world is changing and consumer expectations are changing even faster. What about cars?

In response to that question, CITROËN has adopted an original approach, bringing customers more of what really counts through technological innovations and forthright choices on design, comfort, user-friendliness and running costs.


Exterior Design

Exterior design: reconciling styling and use

With its strong yet eminently practical design features, the C4 Cactus meets a growing need for efficiency with its optimised shapes and flowing style lines.
The CITROËN C4 Cactus stands apart with its unique and assertive styling, composed of pure, smooth and aggression-free surfaces and a floating rear quarter panel and roof that emphasise the body design.



The front end features a high-tech light signature with LED daytime running lights that underline the sleek headlamps built into the Airbumps®.

The light signature is rounded out by the 3D-effect rear lights that further enhance the design of the car.



The C4 Cactus also expresses its bold personality through graphic components focused on practicality, including roof bars combining style and functionality and Airbumps® that protect the car from everyday bumps. The C4 Cactus has a singular take on daring and creativity.


Airbump®, a world exclusive

The Airbump® is a successful fusion of style and practicality. A world exclusive, the supple skin protects your vehicle from everyday bumps and scratches while lending visual structure to the CITROËN C4 Cactus.

The secret? A multitude of air capsules under a supple thermoplastic polyurethane skin, whose soft finish absorbs minor impact and offers tougher resistance to scratches.

The Airbumps® require no particular maintenance and make a direct contribution to reducing running costs.

Fully integrated in the design of the CITROËN C4 Cactus on its sides and bumpers, the Airbumps® are available in four colours, Black, Grey, Dune and Chocolate, that can be mixed and matched with ten available body colours.

Interior design

The feel inside the C4 Cactus is elegant yet laidback. The cabin evokes the idea of travel with nods to the luggage sector.

• door handles with “luggage trunk” design (leather straps) and a large storage compartment, the “Top Box”, on the top of the dashboard
• harmony between the seat upholstery, door design and dashboard with three design schemes: black / grey, purple / grey or brown / grey.


23,184 Combinations

Personalising the Citroën C4 Cactus is an exciting journey in itself. The potential for making it properly yours is huge. In fact, there are 23,184 possible combinations! So every time you go out you’ll be driving an extraordinary vehicle that clearly reflects your style and creative choices.

In addition to the 10 colours and 4 Airbump® colours, you can add the following personal touches to your C4 Cactus:

– 17-inch black ‘Cross’ alloy wheels

– Gloss black rear insert with grey ‘Cactus’ lettering

– Gloss black rear insert with chocolate ‘Cactus’ lettering

– Red rear insert with black ‘Cactus’ lettering

– White rear insert with black ‘Cactus’ lettering

– Red door mirrors

– White door mirrors

– Gloss white roof bars



Uncluttered and ergonomic dashboard

The dashboard innovates with its intelligent architecture aimed at user-friendliness, a sensation of roominess, and storage compartments.

To create the pure and uncluttered dashboard, driving and safety components were rethought and reorganised:
• 100% digital driver interface

• 7-inch touch tablet with seven touch-sensitive buttons grouping all vehicle controls
• simplified “Easy Push” gearbox control for semi-automatic models
• ceiling-mounted passenger airbag (“Airbag in Roof” technology), freeing up space for a large storage compartment, the “Top Box”, accessed from the top of the dashboard.

Top Box

Top Box: a huge, trunk-style glove box

The C4 Cactus features a capacious glove box, designed trunk-style and accessed directly from the top of the dashboard.

Front-seat passengers can use the 8.5 cubic litres of the Top Box to keep all their affairs within easy reach. In addition to its practicality and accessibility, the Top Box also contributes to the styling of the

C4 Cactus, with its straps and design scheme referencing the world of luggage. The ingenious integration of the Top Box in the dashboard was made possible by mounting the passenger airbag in the ceiling (“Airbag in Roof” technology), one of the numerous useful innovations on the CITROËN C4 Cactus.

Sofa-style front seats

All for comfort and human warmth

CITROËN’s new approach is particularly well illustrated in the front seats of the C4 Cactus, designed in a sofa spirit to create an ambiance conducive to relaxation and human warmth.

The wide seats, independently adjustable, are associated with an all-new “Easy Push” automated gearbox control system that frees up space in the cabin.
The seat upholstery matches three interior design schemes; black / grey cloth, purple / grey cloth or brown / black cloth, each one featuring a set of corresponding colours distributed harmoniously in the interior.

Wellbeing / roominess

Proportioned for liveability

The C4 Cactus has the dimensions of a compact hatchback and is optimally proportioned. The C4 Cactus has a wheelbase similar to that of the CITROËN C4 and is equally spacious inside, but more compact, at 4.16 m long for a 2.60-m wheelbase.

The car is ideally proportioned for liveability and driving comfort with:
• a pleasant and spacious cabin (with knee room similar to that of the C4)
• a capacious 358-litre boot
• optimised height, at just 1.48 m, for greater aerodynamics
• reduced overhang, with the wheels placed firmly in the corners

Laidback interior

Dedicated to wellbeing

The interior design of the C4 Cactus is focused on an uncluttered, high-tech layout dedicated to wellbeing.

This aesthetic choice, fully in line with the philosophy of the C4 Cactus, frees up space for the driver and passengers while lending the cabin a

strong graphic feel in which each component has its natural place.
The slim dashboard and the user-friendly 7-inch touch tablet free up space. With its pure and smooth lines, the interior of the C4 Cactus places the focus squarely on human warmth and comfort.


Choose from one of three ambiences, each style creates an attractive colour scheme for the seat upholstery and around the cabin.

Cloth Trims

– Black / grey cloth with grey dash (standard)

– Brown / black cloth with brown dash (optional)

– Grey / purple cloth with purple dash (optional)

Half Leather Trims

– Black and grey leather / cloth with grey dash (optional)

– Brown leather / black cloth with brown dash (optional)

– Black and grey leather / cloth with purple dash (optional)


The combination of responsive handling, precise steering, ride comfort and efficient engineering enhances every trip. The CITROËN C4’s construction is advanced and lightweight; engines and transmissions deliver extraordinary results in both performance and economy.


Award-winning PureTech turbo petrol engine

The PureTech turbo petrol engine cuts fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by around 18% compared with previous generation engines, with no trade-off in performance. This engine uses cutting-edge technology and are both responsive and fuel-efficient.

This engine develops maximum power of 81kW @ 5500rpm with torque of 205Nm @ 1500rpm. Mated to the 5-speed manual gearbox with “Stop & Start” technology using a reinforced starter, it produces combined consumption of just 4.7l/100km and 107g/km of CO2 emissions. The PureTech turbo petrol engine has won back-to-back International Engine of the Year award in its category (1.0 – 1.4 litre) in 2015 and 2016.


The e-HDi turbo engine has taken a new step towards a cleaner diesel. It delivers maximum power of 68kW @ 4000rpm and torque of 230Nm @ 1750rpm.

This engine is mated to a 6-speed semi-automatic gearbox, including “Stop & Start” technology. The combined fuel consumption is an incredibly low 3.6l/100km with CO2 emissions of just 94g/km.


Low running costs: bringing motorists more… for less

CITROËN solved the cost equation by adopting a pragmatic approach. Car ownership costs come in two main forms: retail price and cost in use (fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and so on). The low fuel consumption offered by these engines (just 94 g/km of CO2 and 3.6 l/100 km for the e-HDi diesel and 107 g/km of CO2 and 4.7l/100om for the PureTech petrol) means considerable savings at the pump. The work achieved on reducing vehicle weight has also significantly decreased the wear on parts, which need to be replaced less often. In all, the running costs of the CITROËN C4 Cactus are nearly 20% lower than those of the leading models in the compact hatchback segment.


Around 200kg less than a Citroën C4

The C4 Cactus weighs around 200 kg less than the CITROËN C4, a feat achieved by forthright design choices:

• a compact, lightweight platform
• latest-generation, low-capacity engines
• and, above all, bold design options including an aluminium bonnet and hinge-opening rear windows.
The reduced body mass of the C4 Cactus was also achieved through innovations such as the optional sunblind-free panoramic glass roof with advanced heat protection and the Magic Wash wiper system.


7’’ Touch Drive Interface

100% digital and 100% intuitive

All C4 Cactus controls are grouped in a single screen. Motorists use the standard-fit 7-inch touch tablet and its seven touch-sensitive buttons to control all vehicle functionalities with a single click. The simple, intuitive and 100% digital tablet controls:
• All the media sources (DAB+ radio, Bluetooth streaming & USB)

• The navigation system (perspective map view & speed limit display)
• Automatic Climate Control
• Driving aids (Reversing camera & Rear parking sensors)
• Telephone (Bluetooth hands-free function & contact list access)

Easy Push

Easy Push: simplified controls with three buttons, D, N, and R

On semi-automatic versions, the conventional gear lever has been replaced by the “Easy Push” system.

The simplified system consists of three buttons – D, N and R – on the lower part of the dashboard, along with steering-wheel paddles for regaining manual control at any moment. The D (Drive), N (Neutral) and R (Reverse) system couldn’t be more intuitive.
The system also frees ups space in the cabin without the need for a centre consol while also making the car easier to get familiar with.

Airbag in Roof

Ceiling-mounted passenger airbag

The world exclusive “Airbag in Roof” technology was designed by CITROËN to free up space for a 8.5L “Top Box” by removing the passenger airbag from the dashboard.
The technology, perfectly illustrating the Brand’s Créative Technologie baseline, consists in mounting the passenger airbag in the ceiling.

In its new position, the airbag deploys naturally over the windscreen while retaining the same safety levels as a conventional airbag.

This technology contributes directly to wellbeing and safety.

Magic Wash

Magic Wash halving the consumption of windscreen washer fluid

With this technology, CITROËN has improved visibility during windscreen washes. Magic Wash is a simple and ingenious innovation that halves the consumption of washer fluid and eliminates the visual disturbance stemming from windscreen washes.

The windscreen washer nozzles are fit directly in the end of the wiper blade, covering it with a thin stream of fluid. Drivers get uninterrupted visibility, dirt marks on the roof are history, and washer fluid lasts twice as long.

Panaramic sunroof

Letting the light in, keeping the heat out

The CITROËN C4 Cactus does away with the need for a sunblind to protect against glare and excessive heat. The optional panoramic glass roof with advanced heat protection features an innovative treatment that lets the light in but keeps the heat out.

The roof protects against UV rays with its strong filtering qualities, fostering a relaxed and pleasant feel on board.
The roof’s high-level thermal and acoustic properties eliminate the need for a sunblind, which also helps to reduce vehicle mass.
The roof’s advanced heat protection treatment brings motorists optimal sound comfort.

Driving aids

More useful technology for your benefit

CITROËN has equipped the C4 Cactus with driving aids that make everyday life easier for drivers:
• For trouble-free parking, rear parking sensors assist you with an audible proximity beep.

• Parking manoeuvres are a cinch thanks to the reversing camera, which displays images on the 7-inch touch tablet.
• Hillstart assist automatically maintains the brakes for two seconds, helping drivers to pull away easily on inclines of over 3%.
• Static cornering lights provide an additional beam of light to illuminate the inside of bends, improving visibility and safety.


PROGRESSIVE PERSONALITY. The options available for CITROËN C3 reflect a car that is advanced to its core...


  • 81kW PureTech turbo petrol Stop&Start with 5 speed manual, or
  • 68kW turbo diesel Stop&Start with 6 speed semi-automatic
  • 7-inch touch screen
  • Electronic owner’s manual
  • 17-inch diamond cut ‘Cross’ alloy wheels
  • Black Airbump®
  • Steering wheel controls
  • Automatic air conditioning
  • Auto lights and wipers
  • Magic wash system
  • Reversing camera
  • Rear parking sensors
  • 12V socket in cabin
  • DAB+ digital radio
  • Bluetooth™ + USB
  • eMyWay satellite navigation
  • LED daytime running lights
  • Front fog lights with cornering function
  • ‘Top Box’ dashboard storage compartment
  • Front cup holder
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
  • Driver, front passenger, front lateral and curtain airbags
  • Tyre pressure monitor
  • Two rear ISOFIX mounting points
  • Electronic child locking

Optional Extras

  • Grey Airbump®
  • Dune Airbump®
  • Chocolate Airbump®
  • White door mirrors
  • Red door mirrors
  • Gloss black rear insert with chocolate ‘Cactus’ lettering
  • Gloss black rear insert with grey ‘Cactus’ lettering
  • Red rear insert with black ‘Cactus’ lettering
  • White rear insert with black ‘Cactus’ lettering
  • Gloss white roof bars
  • Thermally insulated panoramic glass roof
  • 17-inch black ‘Cross’ alloy wheels

Rip Curl Special Edition

Available from November, the C4 Cactus Rip Curl Special Edition is unique and fun SUV, introducing Grip Control for improved traction, along with new styling elements that emphasise its outdoor character.

Features include:

  • 81kW PureTech turbo petrol Stop&Start with 5 speed manual
  • Grip Control technology
  • Mud and snow tyres
  • Rip Curl graphics on the front wing and C-pillar
  • White roof bars and door mirrors
  • Silver bumper guards front and rear
  • Rip Curl branded floor mats
  • Orange seat belts
  • Orange speaker surrounds

Dimensions and Technical Specifications

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