Citroën C3 Preview

Citroën C3

A wind of change is blowing through the compact car segment! Fully in step with its times, the New Citroën C3 stands out with its trendy and optimistic design, enlivened by colour inserts and graphic details including the Airbumps®. The car’s highly expressive and unique body styling makes it immediately recognisable in its category.

The optional ConnectedCAM Citroën™ on New C3 means you can film spectacular scenery, unusual locations and cityscapes. This new system uses a camera fitted behind the rear-view mirror to film what the driver sees through the car windscreen. It provides a video log of your everyday driving experiences: – Just click to take a photo and share it on social media. The camera films and stores what’s happening in front of you, so it could also provide valuable information in the event of an accident.

The New C3 is also available in a broad range of colours, including Almond Green, Banquise White, Cobalt Blue, Shark Grey, Aluminium Grey, Rubi Red, Perla Nera Black, Power Orange and Sable.

Combine these nine subtle or punchy colours with 3 roof colours (Onyx Black, Aden Red or Opale White) and choose the match that is right for you (36 body colour combinations possible). The possibilities can be used to revivify a classic tone with a coloured roof or to tone down a poppier body colour with an understated roof. These combinations make the New C3 more modern and fresh.

So what does your C3 look like?

The interior shapes are full-bodied and soft and home to purely styled components. The harmonious feel is also underpinned by a uniform approach to the styling of the doors, seats and dashboard. The same warm and luminous fabric provides an original and high-quality visual continuity.

The interior styling is inspired by a world other than that of cars, with the inclusion of a strap on the armrests and fabrics on the dashboard.

The Citroën C3 is also equipped with leading-edge technologies. In a world first, Citroën is bringing motorists the Citroën ConnectedCAM Citroën™ (available as an option), an HD connected camera. In addition, the new model features a range of equipment that makes life easier for drivers, including voice recognition, a reversing camera, the lane departure warning system, and blind spot monitoring.

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